Wednesday, October 14, 2009

The little fox was a blur.

It's not the best picture of a little red fox. I could have done better if I'd had a longer lens. But, I'm still pretty happy with the image. I think my little watch-pocket-sized camera performed admirably.

I live in a suburb of London, Ontario, almost at the southwestern edge of the city. I say almost as there has been development since moving here. Near my home there is a large open field which may never be built on; reportedly, it once was a garbage dump. At one end of the field there are methane vents lending credence to the dump story.

The field attracts mice. The mice attract hawks and foxes. Now, to get a picture of a hawk. (First, I will have to buy a new camera. To learn what two camera have my eye check my Rockin' On: Photography blog.)

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