Monday, October 19, 2009

Balloon Chasing: One

Saturday I was on my way to Westmount Mall for jeans when I saw a couple of hot-air balloons over the southwest end of the city. I pulled over, and ran about looking for an angle. Remember, I have only a simple, six-year-old camera, lacking a zoom lens. This apartment building on Wonderland Road just north of Springbank Drive provided an interesting angle.

Liking my first picture, I decided to chase the balloons. They were floating out of the city. With sunset approaching, I thought I might get a fine shot of hot-air balloons against a crimson sky.

With sunset nearing, the pilot of the hot-air balloon began scouting a suitable landing site bringing the balloon down low over the open farm fields. I jumped from my car and headed into the field where I got this picture.

Comeback tomorrow to see how this all ended. (Or just go to Rockin'on: the blog or Rockin' On: Photography.)


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