Friday, September 25, 2009

Move over Marcel

Marcel Duchamp's ready-made urinal was voted the most influential work of art of all time by 500 art experts back in 2004. Well, it is 2009 and it's time for Marcel. Duchamp to step aside. It was so long ago, 1917, when he shocked the art establishment by taking a urinal, calling it Fountain, signing it, and putting it on display. It was a brilliant addition to avant garde art. Oops! I forgot to sign my art. Aaahhh!

In 1915 Duchamp coined the term "readymade" for these found objects which he chose and presented as art. His first readymade, an inverted bicycle wheel mounted on a stool, was presented in 1913 and actually predates the term.

Jane McIntosh tells us on her blog that Fountain was an example of Dadaism, which was not art but anti-art bent on rejecting traditional culture and embracing chaos and irrationality.

Hey, that's me — irrational, chaotic and rejecting of just about everything; why stop at culture? (For a more in-depth look at "Is it art?", please check Rockin' On: the blog.)


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Anonymous said...

This link will take you to some images taken in Oakland, CA. See the shot of the home with a rocket sculpture stuck in the roof.

Dunja said...

if this is the 21. century, where's the toilet seat?! Women, when will you learn... :)