Thursday, September 17, 2009

Cliché, but this too is life

I had to be on the campus of the University of Western Ontario (UWO) yesterday. It brought back such memories, and I didn't even go to the "U". It seems some things really don't change — a few hundred miles of distance plus a few decades — and still I felt at home. Amazing! I showed these pictures to my wife; she said, "They're O.K. pictures, but they're so cliché."

At first, I was disappointed. Then I realized she was right and that that was the strength of these shots. — not posed, the scenes not tampered with in any way.

A young man strums his guitar, quietly singing, accompanied by a friend on an African-style drum. Two girls listen, one distracted by her notebook computer. (O.K. No one was ever distracted by their notebook computer when I went to school.)

I included the top picture to appease my wife. The shot is cliché but it still has a hint of art. The following picture is the one I like. Can't you just feel the warmth of the weakening summer sun?

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