Saturday, August 29, 2009

Northern Walking Stick in London

Addendum: This is the back! What do I know of Walking Sticks? Not much, obviously. Go to my newest picture of a Northern Walking Stick and meet one face to face. Cheers, Rockinon

I think these are among the neatest insects in southwestern Ontario. Walking sticks are found around the world but mostly in tropical regions. Only one is native to Canada, the northern walking stick, and it occurs only in southern Ontario and Quebec.

Saturday my wife spotted one on the side of our car. Very agile, with both claws and sucker pads on their feet, it had no problem walking about on our car's front door panel.

These insects are so well camouflaged, they look just like a short, thin twig, that kids capture them, put them in an aquarium filled with small branches and leaves, and then they promptly lose sight of their skinny pet.

It's best just to take the little insect's picture and leave them running free. Quite delicate, one can unintentionally injure a walking stick by handling them. Look but don't touch.

Later, I'm going to write a little on Rockin' On: Photography about how this shot was done. It will be a little photography lesson.



Christine Newland said...

Wonderful work Ken! The only time I ever saw a stick insect was in Costa Rica. They are so cool!

Bet Crooks said...

I hope you don't mind, but I linked from my website (
)to yours to show people an example of a Northern Walkingstick with green legs. Thanks for sharing your photo!