Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Misty River Morning

I had some stuff that I was going to post, but it was all thought provoking and maybe a bit on the downer side of life. I just don't feel like posting those images or those thoughts today. Maybe tomorrow.

Today I will share with you a picture of the Thames River taken a little after sunrise. Walking to the kitchen for my morning coffee, I looked out my front door and could see a solid line of mist delineating the route of the Thames through the west end of the city of London, Ontario. I grabbed my camera and bolted for the door. In just minutes I was viewing the river from the Sanatorium Road bridge, but no mist. By the time I found this spot, still with some lingering mist, the sun was too high in the sky, the mist was quickly being burned off and I had a so so picture. Oh well, another day and another attempt. Someday I will be successful.

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