Saturday, July 25, 2009

Home concerts, better than playin' bars!

I apologize about the quality of this photo. I wanted to capture some of the excitement of The Laws home concert and I find little, on-camera flashes kill the moment. Of course straight on strobe only kills the moment temporarily — for a thousandth of a second — just long enough to kill the photo. The room was quite dark, lit only by a warm, ceiling light off to the side. I apologize. (Oh, one other thing, the room was so small that I had to put two pictures together — one taken immediately after the other — to get this image. There, confessions complete.)
The Laws are a husband-and-wife singer/songwriter team from Wheatley, Ontario. Friday night they, along with Nashville guitarist Brent Moyer, played a home concert in London, Ontario. Hot damn! They were good! I'm going to blog about home concerts — a really cool venue for a concert. Check out Rockinon: the Blog for more about home concerts and The Laws.

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