Wednesday, July 1, 2009

City fields Citi Plaza

Citi Plaza? I was startled to notice that Galleria London is no more. It is now Citi Plaza. A quick google and I find a blog, Urbanity, that discusses the change that was official as of May 7, 2009. I find it rather sad to see the Galleria name abandoned. The mall in downtown London was named after the famous Galleria in Milan, Italy. The Galleria in Milan was restored after it was seriously damaged during the Second World War. Who knows what the future holds for the former Galleria London.

I also found a lot of information on the rebranding on Iconoclast Media, another London, Ontario, blog. Apparently, as part of its lease agreement for a 114,000 sq. ft. call centre, Citigroup demanded the giant mall complex be renamed to honour the famous TARP recipient. In 2008 Citigroup posted a record loss of $27.7 billion and has had to be bailed out on three separate occasions by the US Treasury Department. Citigroup is the American financial services company that is paying $20 million a year for 20 years for the naming rights to the new New York Mets stadium, Citi Field.

All too weird.

Milan is above; London is right.

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