Monday, June 22, 2009

My first lily of the year

I am not a gardener. I plant 'em; I kill 'em; I plant 'em agin'. Juanita, a lady with whom I worked at the paper, encouraged me to plant lilies. One of the best suggestions I have every been given. If you live in London, check out the Horner Lilies Internet site. Located northeast of the city, Horner Lilies has over a hundred different lily hybrids in numerous flower beds. I bought some day lilies and some Asiatic varieties, too. Come back next week and I will post some of the other lilies as they open. Lilies add a great splash of colour to any garden, I have them at the front of my home. And, they seem rugged. Gotta luv 'em.

Photo tip: Many digital cameras have trouble accurately recording hot colours, like reds and oranges. Try to underexpose slightly, maybe half a stop, and do not over-enhance. Even setting a highlight on the main flower can be quite damaging to the image.

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