Wednesday, June 24, 2009

A Gaggle of Londoners

What the Toronto Star says our American neighbours are just now learning, that Canada geese are pests, London, Ontario, has known for years. According to an article in the Star, "In the U.S., Canada geese have gone from nasty nuisance to avian terrorist. Forensic evidence – smashed feathers and gooey bits – nailed them as the culprits that forced a US Airways plane to ditch in the Hudson River in January. Now New York City is waging war, already killing several hundred of the squawkers as security risks and aiming for a total of 2,000 over the next few weeks."

London, being a Canadian city, doesn't gas the pests, as they do in New York. We toss bread crumbs at them and hope they will die from malnutrition. Adaptable creatures they seem to thrive on fortified, tasteless, white fluff. It seems to be building stronger bird bodies seven ways. And anyway, the little golden goslings are just so darn cute.

Photo Tip: When shooting animals, getting down on eye level with your subjects will often result in stronger images.

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