Friday, June 19, 2009

Deer London . . .

London is one large city on a map. In reality, a lot of that land is undeveloped. You see, a few years ago London annexed a big chunk of the surrounding countryside. That is why today there are many areas on the edge of the city where deer can be regularly sighted.

Photo Tip: I don't have a telephoto lens, which is so important for pictures like this. Limited by my wide angle lens, I framed the deer with the small pond, the trees and the fence. And yes, I did frame the deer--this picture did not just happen. When I spotted the deer, I was down the road in a different location. I moved quickly and quietly to this new vantage point in hopes of getting the picture before the deer bounded off. Work with the equipment you have and not against it.

Cheers, Rockinon.

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