Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Weed Warrior on the Move

London, Ontario, was a leader in the move to curtail the cosemetic use of pesticides. A bylaw addressing the issue was passed by London City Council long before the Province of Ontario took a stand. An Ontario-wide pesticides ban came into effect this past April. With the war on weeds stripped of its chemical weapons, weed warriors like the dandelion are again claiming territory. An increased exposure to dandelions but a decreased exposure to toxic chemicals seems like a fair trade-off. The ban has the full support of London's winged community.

Photo tip: This picture was taken with a Canon SD10 point and shoot camera. Use the macro setting and hold camera near the flower while you keep your distance. (I have long arms.) The camera was within a couple of inches of the flower. Try shooting from a low vantage point and from the side and not from the top. This will show more of the insect.

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