Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Heritage Bust

An art deco landmark, the Elsie Perrin Williams Memorial Building opened in the fall of 1940 to house the city's central library, the art gallery and an historical museum. For decades Londoners approaching the Queens Avenue entrance wondered,"Whose bust is that above the entrance?" In 2001 the exterior facade, including the puzzling bust, foyer and central hall were given heritage building status by the City of London. No longer in use, the building sits idle awaiting its rebirth.

Anonymous said, "It's Socrates." Anonymous is right. Now, when I worked at the paper I heard that the stain on the beard symbolized the poisonous hemlock he drank and that the stain was part of the relief. I was told the stain had been there since the installation of the sculpture. Any comments on this? (I believe, now that the building has been sold, the stain is gone. The poisonous, symbolic drool has been removed. Must check.)

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Anonymous said...

It's Socrates.