Sunday, April 5, 2009

Ghost Ships and Sea Monsters

National Geographic photographer Emory Kristof has photographed the Titanic, led an expedition to recover the bell of the Edmund Fitzgerald, documented the diverse sea life thriving around hot deep-sea vents in the Mid-Atlantic . . .

Starting as an intern with the prestigious magazine back in 1963, he is still planning new adventures 46 years later. Sunday afternoon the world renowned deep sea photographer/videographer gave a lecture on his career at the Wolf Performance Hall in the London Central Library. The lecture was sponsored by the Optimist Clubs of London, Ontario.

Event photo by: Archie Korbiel

Kristof spent so much time taking pictures of this Halibut and a starfish that he named the fish Herbie. Having grown attached to the large fish, Kristof happily watched as Herbie avoided capture swimming off into the ocean.

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