Saturday, April 18, 2009

Culture Minister Supports Demolition

Who would allow a beautiful, historic home overlooking the Thames River in west London to sit empty, unmaintained, decaying? Answer: the Province of Ontario. But, they do have a plan, Queen's Park applied for a demolition permit.

The City of London, concerned about the impending loss of yet another historic property, contacted Culture Minister Aileen Carroll.
The minister was quick to point out the province doesn't have to comply with rules that otherwise protect heritage buildings from demolition. Ever the politician, Carroll closed her letter by thanking the city for the city's "continued commitment to preserving Ontario's heritage."

This is brilliant stuff. When Carroll leaves her government job she can get work with the Canadian Airfarce or bring back Monty Python's Flying Circus with a Canadian twist.

For the whole story read Jonathan Sher's piece in The London Free Press.

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